Welcome Milling machine INTERCNC MLV850 on sale. Technical data: Control GSK 218MC-h, Table size 1000×500 mm, Max. table load capacity 580 kg, Linear guides 3-axis, Axis X/Y/Z 800x500x510 mm, The spindle motor 7,5 kW, Storage capacity BT40-24, Positioning accuracy+/- 0,008 mm, Dimensions 2800x2700x2600 mm, Weight 6000 kg.

Technical data: http://mar-tools.com.pl/en/cnc-machine-tools/cnc-milling-machines/milling-machine-intercnc-mlv-850/

Additional information:Warranty: 12 months, We offer an warranty and post-warranty service, Installment or leasing, For each purchased a CNC machine program ZW3D 2xmachining FREE.