Technische daten:

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Travelling area|1300*2500*200 mm;;
Table Size|1230×2500 mm;;
Transmission|X/Y with linear guide, Z with ball screw;;
Table structure|T-slot vacuum table;;
Spindle power|HSD 9.0KW;;
Spindle speed|24000 RPM;;
Speed|MAX travelling speed : 35000 mm/min~~MAX working speed : 20000 mm/min;;
Drive system|Servo motors and drivers;;
Working voltage|AC380V/3PH/50Hz;;
Operating system|SYNTEC;;
Net weight|1500 KG;;
Gross weight|2000 KG;;


Standard Configuration:

  • Travelling size: 1300mm*2500mm*200mm
  • Italian HSD 9.0KW ATC spindle
  • Linear 6 positions tool magazine
  • T-slot vacuum table with vacuum pump
  • SYNTEC controller
  • Servo motor & driver
  • Taiwanese linear guide
  • Automatic tool sensor
  • Type3 software
  • ISO 30 tool holder
  • 3PH 380V 50Z