SERIES: X (Width of bed: 300MM) | MODEL: X760

Technical specifications:

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Model|X760 Series / 1000,1500,2000,2500,3300,4300;;
Avg. swing over bed|760 mm;;
Avg. swing over carriage|540 mm;;
Distance bed of the spindle axis |380 mm;;
Max. rolling length|1000,1500,2000,2500,3300,4300;;
Avg. rolling in selecting the sternum|990 mm;;
Width of bed|400 mm;;
Mounting bracket spindle |ASA D1 -11;;
Hole of the spindle|120 mm;;
Taper of tailstock spindle center hole|MT 7;;
Spindle speeds|10~1000 rpm (12 steps);;
Range of inch threads (kinds)|2~56 TPI;;
Range of metric threads (kinds)|PO.5~14;;
Range of longitudinal feed|0.05~0.82 mm;;
Range of cross feed|0.02~0.4 mm;;
The diameter of the ball screw|38 mm;;
Leap ball screw|6 mm;;
Cone in tailstock sleeve|MT5;;
The range extension tailstock|165 mm;;
Diameter of tailstock sleeve |85 mm;;
Main drive motor|10 HP (7,5 KW.6P) / 15 HP (11 KW.6P) (optional);;
Pump cooling system|1/8 HP (0,1 KW);;
Transversal|375 mm;;
Machine dimensions|Length: 238,290,347,398,473,555 / Width: 103 / Height: 139;;
Machine dimensions|Length: 252,300,361,426,585,488 / Width: 115 / Height: 194;;
Net weight|2360, 2710, 3060, 3310, 3780, 4990;;
Gross weight |2460, 2810, 3210, 3460, 3930, 5190;;


Additional information:

  • Warranty: 12 months
  • We offer an warranty and post-warranty service