Technische daten:

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Possible control|SIEMENS808D;;
Table size|1100×500;;
Max. table load capacity|500 kg;;
Sliding guides|3-axis;;
The distance from the spindle to work table|150-650 mm;;
The distance from the spindle to column|510 mm;;
Spindle cone|BT40;;
Spindle speed|40-8000 rpm;;
The spindle motor|7,5 kW;;
Rapid traverse speed X/Y/Z|15/15/12 m/min;;
Storage capacity|BT40-16;;
Air pressure|5-7 kgf/cm2;;
Positioning accuracy|+/- 0,015 mm;;
Dimensions|2450x2200x2300 mm;;
Weight|4650 kg;;

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