Lathe INTERCNC MT 4556


Technical data:

[table border=’0px’ width=’100%’]
Technical data||INTERCNC MT4556;;
Max swing diameter over bed|mm|560;;
Max swing diameter over carriage|mm|440;;
Max turning diameter (plate)|mm|450;;
Max length of workpiece|mm|1000;;
Spindle nose||A2-8;;
Hydraulice chuck diameter|cal|12;;
Max spindle speed|r/min|2000;;
Spindle hole diameter|mm|80;;
Main motor power |kW|15/18,5;;
X axis travel|mm|240;;
Z axis travel|mm|1050;;
Rapid moving speed X|m/min|11;;
Rapid moving speed Z|m/min|11;;
Positioning X/Z|mm|≤ 0,012/ ≤ 0,015;;
Re-positioning X/Z|mm|≤ 0,007/ ≤ 0,010;;
Turret type||servo;;
Turret positions |pcs|12;;
Shank section|mm|25×25;;
Shank diameter for inner hole|mm|40;;
Sleeve diameter|mm|110;;
Sleeve travel|mm|105;;
Machine size|mm|4100x1986x1870;;
Machine net weight |kg |8200;;

Standard equipment:

  • Angle of bed 450
  • 12-position tool turret
  • Hydraulic tail stock
  • Servo motor for spindle
  • Taiwan linear way
  • Ball screw
  • Hydraulic chuck
  • Chip conveyor

Additional information:

  • Warranty: 12 months
  • We offer an warranty and post-warranty service
  • Installment or leasing
  • Program CAD / CAM ZW3D and the postprocesor