Technische daten:

[table border=’0px’ width=’100%’]
Control||Siemens 808D/GSK 980;;
Swing over bed|mm|Φ520;;
Swing over carriage|mm|Φ340;;
Max work piece processes the length|mm|750;;
Travel axis X/Z|mm|220/800;;
Spindle bore|mm|φ 80;;
Spindle speed range|rpm|4500;;
Spindle nose|mm|A2-8;;
Max. spindle torgue |Nm|104;;
Rapid speed X/Z|m/min|12/20;;
Quill travel|mm|100;;
Max. tool shrank |mm|25×25;;
Number of tools in the head|szt|8;;
Quill diameter|mm|85;;
Quill taper||MT4;;
Power of main motor|kW|7,5 ;;
Repositioning accuracy X/Z|mm|0,005/0,005;;
Packing size|mm| 3450x1610x1930;;
Weight machine|kg|5800;;

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